How Can I Install Stone Siding?


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Installing stone siding is a process that requires various steps to protect the inner structure from moisture damage and ensure the secure fit of the siding. Depending on the size of the area in which the stone siding will be applied, the task will require a weekend or longer.

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  1. Cover wood-sheathed wall with waterproofing paper

    To protect the wall from water damage, cover it with waterproofing paper stapled tightly to wood sheathing. Any other similar moisture membrane may be used in place of waterprooofing paper.

  2. Fasten a lath to wall

    Nail a diamond-shaped lath tightly to wall with nails about 6 inches apart both vertically and horizontally. Make sure that the nails hit studs in as many places as possible. Nail through both sections in overlaps.

  3. Lay stones on the lath with mortar

    To secure stones on the lath, put mortar on the back sides of stones and place them on the lath in desired locations. For a more secure fit, apply a "scratch" coat of mortar first to the lath and let dry, then apply the stones with mortar to the scratch coat. Cut the stones to fit around edges and openings, and push mortar deeper into place with a finishing tool.

  4. Fill the joints between stones with grout

    Once the mortar has completely set, use a grout bag with a metal tip to fill in the joints between the stones with grout, another form of mortar.

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