How Can You Install Solar Tubes?

How Can You Install Solar Tubes?

To install solar tubes, mark the tube location on the bottom side of the roof, install the flashing, install the top of the tube and put in the deflector. Next, cut a hole in the ceiling, connect the bottom tube and add the diffuser.

A solar tube is a small skylight that allows natural daylight to light up a room. Run through the following steps to install a tube skylight in a roof and ceiling.

  1. Mark the tube's location
  2. In the attic, mark the tube position on the bottom side of the roof. Install the drill away from rafters, wires and plumbing. Use a drill to drill a small hole through the roof so that the position is visible on the top side of the roof.

  3. Install the flashing
  4. The flashing describes the outer part of the skylight tube. To install it, trace the outline of the flashing onto the roof and cut out the shingles around the outside of the line, preserving them for later reinstallation. Trace a hole where the inner tube of the flashing should go and saw a hole along the outline of the circle. Apply roof sealant to the edges of the flashing and lay it in place. Secure it with screws and then replace the shingles around the tube.

  5. Install the top tube
  6. Measure the space between the roof and the floor of the attic, cut out a length of tube to fit that measurement and secure the top tube to the flashing.

  7. Add the deflector
  8. Position the deflector so that it catches the sun. Add the light deflector to the flashing. Cover the deflector and flashing opening with the dome.

  9. Install the bottom tube
  10. To install the bottom tube, mark a hole on the ceiling to accommodate the tube and cut it out with a jab saw. Apply pile seal to the outside of the bottom tube and connect the bottom tube to the top tube with aluminum tape.

  11. Add the diffuser
  12. Use a drill and screws to install the diffuser on top of the bottom tube.