How Can You Install Rain Gutters?

How Can You Install Rain Gutters?

To install rain gutters, measure and trim them, rivet the joints, cut downspout holes, hang the gutters and flashing, and attach the downspouts. This procedure usually takes several days and requires gutters, gloves, a measuring tape, a notepad, a pencil, end caps, tin snips, a level, a ladder, a chisel, a hammer, nails, a chalk line, flashing, gutter hangers, downspouts, a screwdriver and hex screws.

  1. Measure the gutters

    Use a tape measure to measure the gutter runs. Write these figures down. Also note the number and location of the downspouts.

  2. Cut the gutters

    Put on heavy work gloves and cut the new gutters to size with tin snips.

  3. Join the gutter sections

    Join gutter sections by overlapping them and caulking the joints. When the caulk dries, secure the joints with rivets. Cap the ends and secure the caps with rivets.

  4. Create holes for the downspouts

    Turn the gutters upside down and place them on a flat surface. Consult your measurement sheet and place a small mark where you wish to place the downspouts. Set a downspout outlet over each mark, stick a pencil inside it, and trace its interior outline. Chisel a hole in the center of each outline, insert the tin snips, and cut out the rest of the hole.

  5. Diagram the slope

    Hammer a small nail into the fascia board 1/2 inch below the roof edge at the highest point of each gutter run. Measure and record the distance between the nail and the bottom of the fascia board. Subtract 1/4 inch per 10 feet of gutter length and write down that number. Move your ladder to the end of the gutter run and place a pencil mark at that distance from the bottom of the fascia board. Hammer a nail into the mark, stretch a chalk line between the two nails and verify the slope with a level. Pull the string to mark the slope on the fascia board, then remove the chalk line.

  6. Screw in the gutters

    Screw the gutters to the fascia boards. The top of each gutter should align with the corresponding chalk line.

  7. Install flashing

    Lift the shingles along the edge of each gutter run and insert gutter flashing beneath them. Nail the flashing to the roof, then fasten hidden gutter hangers to the flashing at 2-foot intervals. Screw the hangers through the flashing and into the fascia board.

  8. Attach the downspouts

    Attach the downspouts with hex screws.