How Can You Install Outdoor Sink Stations?


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To install an outdoor sink station, decide on where to build, install cabinets, place a countertop over the cabinets, cut a hole on the countertop for the sink to sit, fix water supply lines, install the sink, attach a faucet, and fix a drain. Be sure to locate the station near a wall that is close to a waterline.

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Build and install cabinets. Place a countertop over the cabinets, measure dimensions of the sink to install, and use the measurements to cut a depression on the countertop. The sink's edge should overlap the countertop, so be sure to cut a slightly smaller hole.

Fix valves to cold-and hot-water fittings, secure the valves in place with channel lock pliers, and use PVC cleaner to clean the inside parts of the fittings. Allow the fittings to dry before applying PVC glue. Turn off water, and attach the fittings to the appropriate supply lines. Cover the countertop with a protective sheet of cardboard. Put the sink onto the pre-cut hole, and apply silicon caulk along the sink's edge to secure the it in place.

Slide the valve-end side of the faucet into the correct hole in the sink, and tighten it in place with a rubber washer and nut. Apply plumber's putty to the drain's terminal that joins with the sink hole, install the rubber washer, composite washer and gasket, and fit the p-trap, which connects the sink to a sewer line. Connect the faucet to the water fittings, and turn on water.

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