Can You Install a Gas Parlor Stove With No Formal Training?


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Gas parlor stoves rely on direct ventilation and a connection to a gas line or bottled gas; homeowners able to create a vent through a ceiling or sidewall can complete the installation without specific training. Running a new gas line, however, may require hiring an expert.

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Unlike wood stoves, gas-powered stoves do not need full chimneys. Different models have different venting requirements, but the process of installing a vent for a gas parlor stove is similar in complexity to installing vents for in-wall gas space heaters. While expert guidance can prevent expensive repairs, no special training is necessary.

Gas lines are designed for easy connection, so homeowners installing their gas stoves with an existing gas line connection should have little trouble attaching the fuel to the new stove. If a gas line needs to be run, expert care is typically needed, and laws may require expert installation and inspection.

Gas stoves typically burn fuel efficiently, which means little carbon monoxide is created; this carbon monoxide should be safely vented away from the structure. However, homeowners might want to install a carbon monoxide detector in the room where the gas stove is running. Mistakes made when installing the ventilation system or obstructions can cause dangerous gases to build in a short period of time.

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