How Can You Install Asphalt Shingles?


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To install asphalt shingles, install the drip edges and underlay with self-adhesive, staple the underlay to the drip edges, add the starter strips, and nail the shingles. You need a ladder, straightedge, tin strips, galvanized roofing nails, hammer, utility knife, self-sealing adhesive strip, waterproof and self-adhesive spray, and #15 roof underlay to complete this project.

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  1. Lay the drip edges and underlay

    Place the drip edges over the eaves, and add the self-adhesive and underlay throughout the entire roof to keep out water seepage. Place the felt underlay in even intervals of 3 inches to cover more space. Stack one layer on top of the other; the higher part should remain on top. Install the rake drip edges on the sides. Staple the felt underlay under the drip edges and the rake drip edges.

  2. Install the shingles

    Trace the chalk line at the center of the roof to the eave to mark the starting point of the shingles. Install the starter strip on the eave with the self-sealing adhesive. Allow a 3/8-inch overhang over the edge to secure dripping. Nail in the shingles on the first line. Make sure the starter course is flush. Use four nails for each of the shingles in normal areas and six nails for especially windy areas.

  3. Map out the roof

    When the starter course is installed, draw more chalk lines in a horizontal fashion to the eaves for the other shingles. Create 5 inches of space for each of the bottom edges to make overlay for the course. Install the remaining shingles.

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