How Can I Inspect Propane Barbecues for Blocked Tubes or Burners?

How Can I Inspect Propane Barbecues for Blocked Tubes or Burners?

To inspect propane barbecues for blocked tubes or burners, remove the briquettes and cooking grids according to the manufacturer's directions, and visually inspect the tubes and burners on a propane gas grill for blockages. You need the owner's manual and approximately 5 minutes of time to visually inspect a readily accessible burner assembly on a propane gas grill.

  1. Turn off the grill and disconnect the propane to avoid injury

    Turn the grill burner controls to the off position. Close the main valve on the propane cylinder, and disconnect it from the grill.

  2. Remove the briquettes and cooking grids

    Remove the burner plates, cooking grids and sub floor from the grill. Consult the manufacturer's instructions for removing the briquettes. The cooking plates can be easily removed by lifting them from the grill.

  3. Visually inspect the burners and tubes

    Burners are blocked by fat drippings that fall from meat as it cooks and grease runoff from the grill. Visually examine the burners and tubes for raised hardened drippings, baked-on black-or-brown-colored grease and any excess dirt or debris.

  4. Reassemble the grill and reconnect the gas

    Return the briquettes and cooking grids. Hook up the propane cylinder. Keep the main valve closed when it is not in use.