Where Can You Find Information About Stab-Lok Circuit Breaker Safety?


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The Consumer Product Safety Commission provides information on Stab-Lok circuit breaker safety on its website, CPSC.gov. The commission completed an investigation of these circuit breakers in 1983, concluding that there is insufficient evidence to declare that these circuit breakers pose an imminent hazard.

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In June 1980, Reliance Electric Company, the parent company of Federal Pacific Electric, which manufactured the Stab-Lok circuit breaker, reported to the Consumer Product Safety Commission that the Stab-Lok breakers did not meet certain Underwriters Laboratories requirements. However, Reliance maintained that the failure to meet those requirements did not create an imminent hazard. After a two-year investigation, the Consumer Product Safety Commission closed its investigation based on insufficient evidence to warrant further expenditure of resources.

Despite the conclusion of the Consumer Product Safety Commission, the public perception remains that the breakers have a high rate of failure, creating a fire hazard.

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