Where Can I Find Information About Selling My Furniture to a Secondhand Store?


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Some reputable online information resources, such as About.com, have specialty pages dedicated to informing would-be sellers of second-hand furniture what to expect and how to gauge pricing. Some expert blogs, such as Man vs. Debt, specialize in offering advice about selling second-hand belongings.

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Where Can I Find Information About Selling My Furniture to a Secondhand Store?
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About.com features a page entirely dedicated to pricing used furniture and factors that affect furniture's resale value. The page addresses aspects such as quality, size and style. For example, About.com asserts that the type of wood used to craft a piece of furniture could have a significant effect on its value to a resale shop. The page also explains which styles tend to fetch better prices than others. About.com also offers advice on when and how to negotiate a fair price and other options, such as donating the furniture and claiming the donation on a tax return.

Man vs. Debt also offers a guide to selling furniture and other items to second-hand stores and consignment shops. The expert blog describes different types of second-hand retailers and briefly explains how each operates. The blog writer also advises what types of items are worth bringing into a resale shop. For example, the writer claims that antique or high-end furniture may be the only types of furniture in which many resale and consignment shops are interested.

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