Where Can You Get Information About Raccoon Removal?


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Information on raccoon removal is available at various animal control websites. Raccoon removal should always be handled by a qualified animal control expert, according to the Professional Wildlife Removal website. The best way to remove a raccoon is to humanely trap it in a cage. A litter of baby raccoons living in an attic or another hidden spot are commonly removed by hand.

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Raccoons are intelligent animals and often seek food and shelter in attics, chimneys or other convenient places in and around homes. Successful raccoon removal requires some knowledge of the animal's behavior and habits. Professional Wildlife Removal explains that those untrained in raccoon removal are likely to use trapping methods that either harm the animals or fail to capture them .

Raccoons frequently break free from standard traps. Sometimes a trap intended for the raccoon captures another animal instead, such as a wandering cat. Trapping a mother raccoon and removing it from the premises may cause the remaining baby raccoons to inflict more damage to the surrounding area and create an odor problem.

In certain states, it is illegal for untrained people to capture raccoons because of the threat of rabies. While most wild raccoons do not have rabies, contacting animal control experts is the safest removal method.

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