Where Can You Find Information on How to Operate a Dehumidifier?


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Both Wiki How and Energy Star offer tips and procedures for operating a dehumidifier in the home. Both sites give instructions for placing and setting up the dehumidifier. Wiki How provides a more step-by-step approach, while Energy Star gives basic information for different situations.

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To operate a dehumidifier, Wiki How and Energy Star discuss the Relative Humidity, or RH level. This is the amount of water vapor in the air, with the optimum RH level being 45 to 50 percent. If the dehumidifier includes a humidistat, you can set it at the desired RH level; if not, you need to use a hygrometer to measure the RH level. This device lets you know when to turn the dehumidifier on or off depending on the humidity reading. Wiki How also describes the process for collecting excess water, either by emptying the tray or setting up a hose into a drain or bucket.

Wiki How and Energy Star also offer multiple suggestions on how to place the dehumidifier in the home for maximum benefit. The machine should be placed at least 6 to 12 inches away from other objects and close to the center of the room. For best results, place it in the most humid room in the house with doors and windows closed. Also, keep the dehumidifier away from dust-producing objects.

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