Where Can You Find Information About Limoges Porcelain Marks and Dates?


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Information about Limoges porcelain marks and dates is available from many online antique websites including Antique Marks, Limoges Boutique and Efineantiques.com, as of 2015. Other sources of information include DrLoriv.com and the Arlecchino Antique Shop.

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Each site offers specific information on Limoges porcelain marks and dates, but some may be more up-to-date than others. For example, Limoges Boutique provides information on type of markings, company, composition and their dates. The site includes pictures of the markings and a short description introducing their historical background. The website also provides information on how to determine authenticity of porcelain marks and dates.

Efineantiques.com lists the works on a table with a short description for every entry. The site provides information about the artists behind the works and the source of the marks, as well as on the progress of the porcelain mark's sale and the item number. Antique Mark has introductory information on the origin of Limoges and how to identify genuine marks and dates.

Arlecchino Antique Shop highlights the origin of Limoges porcelain marks and the significance of their dates, mentioning important dates in the transition of Limoges porcelain marks and dates. Drloriv.com provides information on Limoges history, ingredients and growth, plus tips on how to evaluate porcelain dates in order to understand their quality and history.

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