How Can You Find Information on Interface Carpet Squares?

How Can You Find Information on Interface Carpet Squares?

Find information regarding Interface carpet squares on the company's website at The site allows shoppers to view current product lines and design a room. Additionally, Interface carpet owners can find useful information, such as installation tips for various patterns and maintenance information, along with cleaning methods and warranty specifications.

Viewing the list of current Interface products is easy on the company's website:

  1. Visit the home page
  2. Visit the Interface home page and select a location. Click "Continue to Interface" to advance through the website.

  3. Go to products
  4. Click on "Products" at the top of the screen. View a particular design by clicking its picture.

  5. Choose a color, if applicable
  6. If the carpet squares come in more than one color, change the color by clicking the swatch at the top of the screen.

  7. Request a sample
  8. Request a sample by clicking on the "Request a Sample" link that appears on each page. The samples are 19 inches by 19 inches.

It is possible to browse through brochures and look at gallery collections on the Interface website by clicking the corresponding links at the bottom of the page. Site visitors may also share specific designs through email or on social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.