Where Can You Get More Information on Backyard Smokehouse Plans?


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Countryfarm Lifestyles provides free information online about backyard smokehouses. The available information includes the basics of designing and building a smokehouse to process meat, information about how to determine the size needed, and safety factors to be considered when designing, building, and using a smokehouse.

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A smokehouse need not be elaborate. All that is necessary is a fire-safe enclosure designed to partially restrict airflow while holding in smoke and maintaining the constant temperatures necessary to process meat slowly. Commercially available charcoal grills and barrel smokers are, in fact, miniature "smokehouses." To process larger amounts of meat, one can build or purchase frame or concrete block smokehouses. The risk of a fire is less with a larger smokehouse, and it is easier to maintain the desired cooking temperatures with a larger smokehouse. Before building a smokehouse in your backyard, check with local ordinances and make sure the design meets fire code regulations.

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