How Can You Increase the Security of Your Home Doors and Windows?

How Can You Increase the Security of Your Home Doors and Windows?

Some ways to increase the security of home doors and windows include installing door and jamb reinforcement plates, installing contact alarms and camera sensors and installing window film. Installing deadbolts that only open with keys and applying bars or locks along window sashes are good ways to secure specific types of doors and windows.

Door and jamb reinforcement plates are metal plates that help make both the jamb and the door stronger and harder to break into. Most burglars gain entry to homes by simply slamming into doors, so strengthening this area makes the door harder to break down.

Contact alarms around entry points can also be good ways to ward away break ins. Contact alarms go off when doors and windows are broken, which can often scare away criminals. Some can also send off alerts when entry points have been compromised. Installing infrared cameras around windows and doors can also be a handy way to prevent burglary. Some systems can send live feeds or alarms to security companies when they detect unusual motion.

Window film is a protective film that can make windows harder to break. Although they do not make glass completely shatter-proof, they take longer to smash, which can deter burglars.

Deadbolts that can only open with keys are good options for doors that include glass panels. If the deadbolt can open with a switch on the inside, intruders can easily smash the glass and reach in to open the door. If the deadbolt requires a key on both sides, it is impossible to open without the key.

Sliding windows can be very easy to open from the outside. However, a simple bar or lock along the window sash can make it impossible to slide the window open without removing the device first.