How Can You Incorporate Tall Shrubs Into Your Landscaping?

How Can You Incorporate Tall Shrubs Into Your Landscaping?

Incorporate tall shrubs and plants into the landscaping by planting them along the borders of the back yard for instant privacy. Homeowners living in an area prone to deer should plant tall shrubs that are deer-resistant.

Homeowners may also use tall shrubs in their landscaping to hide less-than-appealing sections of their yard from themselves or their neighbors. Tall shrubs may also be used to block a bitter north wind or block the hot afternoon sun in the summer.

Tall shrubs make a beautiful addition to a garden when used as a border. Another design is in a pyramid layout with the tall shrubs in the middle. The plants in the garden should reduce in size going out toward the edges.

When planting a garden, it is a good idea to use tall shrubs that produce edible fruits and nuts. For example, hazelnuts and Saskatoon berries grow on tall shrubs. Planted with apple, peach and pear trees, it is easy to create an edible landscape.

The most common use for tall shrubs is privacy. Tall shrubs look more inviting than most types of fencing, and for this purpose, stay away from deciduous shrubs as they drop their leaves in the winter, removing any privacy they provide during the rest of the year.