How Can You Incorporate Rock Walls Into Your Landscaping?

How Can You Incorporate Rock Walls Into Your Landscaping?

Incorporate rock walls into a landscaping design by creating a retaining wall to prevent erosion or by building a rock wall surrounding a pond. Rock walls add a depth and beauty to a landscape design that can be difficult to replicate using other materials.

When building a rock wall, do-it-yourselfers should try choosing rock types that naturally exist in the area for a more realistic look. Placing a rock wall on a hill can hold back soil and prevent erosion, but it should be kept at less than four feet tall because most cities require a permit for anything taller.

A rock wall makes a beautiful border around a pond. By setting up a rock wall in a semi-circular pattern around a fish pond, it is possible to create a rustic look.

Some homeowners prefer using a rock wall as a border around a deck or patio. Again, a semi-circular wall adds depth to a yard without making the project too large for homeowners to do themselves.

The first step in building a rock wall is proper measuring and planning. Be sure to check with city officials and obtain any permits needed before beginning. Follow the steps below to build a rock wall.

  1. Dig a trench
  2. After taking measurements and planning the wall, dig a trench, keeping it as level as possible. Tamp down the bottom of the trench.

  3. Place the first layer
  4. Place the first layer of rocks, starting with the edge that is most visible. If desired, partially bury the first level to keep it from sliding around.

  5. Lay the next level
  6. After making sure the first course is level, begin adding the next level, making it slightly offset from the first. Add layers to reach the desired height.

  7. Backfill
  8. Backfill the area behind the wall with gravel.

  9. Add topsoil
  10. Finish the backfill layer with topsoil.