What Can Improve a Gas Boiler's Efficiency?


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Users can improve a gas boiler's efficiency by optimizing the air/fuel ratio in the boiler and repairing steam that causes leaking traps. Adding insulation and recovering waste heat are ideal methods of increasing a gas boiler's efficiency.

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Operating the boiler using the right levels of fuel prevents heat loss. In order to burn fuel effectively, excess air must be supplied to the boiler. Inadequate air causes in combustion, while too much air leads to heat loss. Optimizing the air supply through analyzing oxygen concentration inside the burner can increase the efficiency of the boiler. Users can do with the help of an oxygen analyzer that provides feedback on the levels of air and fuel inside the boiler.

Repairing any traps that cause heat loss can also increase the efficiency of a gas boiler. Users should do this with a wireless monitoring system, which can reduce leakage by up to 95 per cent. Adding insulation to the boiler system is ideal in increasing efficiency. Uninsulated boiler lines waste energy during boiling and transmission. Insulating the boiler surface, pipes and fittings can reduce energy loss inside the boiler. Recovering waste helps to increase the boiler's efficiency by reducing the fuel requirements. This uses a feed water economizer that removes combustion heat in case of insufficient heat transfer.

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