How Can I Identify a Succulent?


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One way to identify a succulent is to use an online succulent guide, such as SucculentGuide.com. A succulent is a plant that can store water in its tissue to prepare for future, scarce water supplies. Despite how useful this water-storage feature is in desert climates, succulent plants are not found exclusively in desert regions. The Succulent Guide explains that spineless succulents are distinguished from cacti-family succulents, according to spine coverage.

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How Can I Identify a Succulent?
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Online succulent guides, such as The Succulent Plant Page, offer a feature whereby users simply click on a displayed picture to access information on the chosen succulent. This feature could prove useful for anyone who is not an expert on succulents but wishes to obtain information on a particular succulent he has spotted.

There are other plants that have features which allow them to cope with harsh, desert environments but are not exclusively categorized as succulents. According to the Succulent Guide, a xerophyte may or may not be a succulent. There are two major kinds of succulent plants: stem and leaf. Stem succulents, rarely distinguished from root succulents, function in a similar manner, storing water in the stem or root of the plant. Leaf succulents store water in their enlarged leaves. Many succulents come from the dry areas of the tropics and subtropics, such as steppes, semi-desert and desert.

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