How Can You Identify a Stargazer Lily?


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Stargazer lilies can be identified by their 6 to 8-inch wide flowers, their tall upright form and their 6 to 9 blooms each, according to SFGate. Their large flowers are very aromatic.

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How Can You Identify a Stargazer Lily?
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Stargazer lilies are hardy in the USDA Hardiness Zones of 4 through 9. They are showy flowers that were developed in Arcata, California in the mid-1970s. The pink, red and white color variety is the most found color combination, but there are yellow and white combinations as well. They are similar to Asiatic lilies, but stargazers have an abundant scent that the Asiatic lilies do not have. Stargazer lilies are also known as Lilium orientalis.

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