How Can You Identify a Fostoria Glass Pattern?

Some retailers of vintage and discontinued glassware, such as Replacements Ltd., eBay and Our House Antiques, provide photos and pattern identification guides for Fostoria glass patterns as of 2015. also posts information and photos of different types of Fostoria glassware with most of the pictures linked to auctions on eBay.

Our House Antiques provides an etching identification and information page that includes photos of Fostoria glassware patterns, such as Fostoria June, Kashmir, Trojan, Meadow Rose and Navarre. The site includes informative details about each pattern, including the differences among general production pieces, a brief history of each piece and the most popular pieces for each pattern. Our House Antiques includes high-quality pictures to identify the etch pattern and color of the glassware.

EBay also provides an impressive glass photo pattern identification guide for Fostoria glassware collectors and lovers. Similar with Our House Antiques, the site offers clear photos and a brief description and history of each pattern. The vintage Fostoria page on Collectors Weekly provides more information about the manufacturer and describes the production timeline of the Fostoria glassware line.

Replacements, Ltd., one of the largest retailers of old and new china, silver and crystal in the United States, has a wide array of Fostoria glass pattern on its online glassware repository. Each piece includes an etch number, pattern number and a detailed photo description of the glassware. The site also offers a free identification guide where online consumers can submit images or provide descriptions of patterns. The site searches for a pattern for free and informs the costumer once a match is found.