How Can You Identify an Error Code on a Bosch Washer?

can-identify-error-code-bosch-washer Credit: ViktorCap/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

You can identify a Bosch washer error code on the keypad which is used to control the machine. Should a malfunction occur, the keypad will flash a series of letters and numbers indicating the nature of the problem. Common error codes include: Er:01, Er:11, and Er:12.

An Er:01 error code flashes if the door of the machine isn't closed properly. If this code appears, ensure that there are no clothes blocking the door, and that the latch is fully locked. If the error code remains, you may need to replace the lock door assembly.

The Er:11 and Er:12 error codes will generally appear at the same time and indicate a problem with the water fill. To fix this, check the water supply valves behind the machine and ensure there are no kinks or holes in the water hose. The error codes will cease once the water flow is unimpeded.

Other common error codes include: Er:13, which indicates a blockage in the drain, Er:17, which indicates a leak, and Er:20, which indicates the spin cycle has terminated due to an unbalanced load. Once the blockage has been removed, the leak has been located and repaired and items have been removed to balance the load, the error codes stop flashing.