How Can You Identify the Crystal Patterns in Your Stemware?


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An ideal way to identify the crystal patterns in a stemware is to have it checked by a professional appraisers or an antique dealer. Another way is to make use of the services of Replacements.com, which identifies the pattern name and manufacturer of crystal free of charge.

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Replacements.com requests a picture of the item to be sent to it online, or through fax or mail. The company encourages customers to send any additional information that can be provided about the item. Based on the picture and the information provided, it identifies the crystal pattern name.

Nonprofessionals can also identify the crystal pattern by replicating the identification procedure of the professionals. The first step is to identify the stemware’s manufacturer. Most stemware has the manufacturer’s mark in the form of an etching, a sticker or a symbol. This is typically on the bottom of the piece. Once the manufacturer is identified, the pattern can be identified by comparing it against the patterns of the manufacturer. If the manufacturer cannot be identified, the pattern must be compared against the patterns of all manufacturers.

Many pattern guides are available, including books and websites, which can be used to identify the pattern. Matchyourcrystal.com is a good online resource, which houses the patterns of all manufacturers.

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