Where Can You Find an HVAC Installation Guide?


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A variety of energy company webpages, do-it-yourself websites and specialty news sites provide general guides on how to install an HVAC system. Some example sources include the energy company ConSol, the HVAC For Beginners website, and the Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration News site.

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HVAC For Beginners provides several high-level steps in HVAC installation, including HVAC duct design and the "Rough-in" stage, which involves cutting holes for the ducts and registers. It also details installation instructions for the main trunk lines, supply ducts and return air ducts. The site elaborates on what to do for each step or provides other links for more details.

The instructions on the Air Conditioning, Heating, Refrigeration and News site similarly take the reader through high-level step-by-step procedures, providing detailed descriptions of each step. There are more steps than on the HVAC For Beginners site, but they are intended for high-velocity HVAC systems in homes with space constraints. Several high-level procedures include calculating load, finding a location for the fan coil unit, cutting return air openings and constructing a platform. Additional installation instructions include connecting and installing various lines and tubing connections in a particular order before establishing electrical connections.

HVAC installation instructions from ConSol appear designed for people with construction or engineering experience. The instructions mention steps such as determining room-by-room loads, creating a layout, sizing the duct system and equipment, installing the equipment per design specifications, charging the system, and testing the system after installation. Many of the steps reference various ACCA manuals and building codes, so an individual must be familiar with the referenced documentation.

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