Where Can You Find House Exterior Design Ideas?


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House exterior design ideas are available on websites or in publications like Better Homes and Gardens and Zillow. These publications focus on homes, their looks, design elements and advice on getting specific home looks.

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Better Homes and Gardens offers many different options for exterior ideas. Users of the site can browse by curb appeal, roof styles and siding types. There are articles in the details of home exteriors like lighting or the front door. Front doors are important in making a home feel appealing. Lighting can make a home feel warm and welcoming if done correctly, but using the wrong light and the wrong style can do the opposite. Front yard gardens are a large part of curb appeal on a house and using color and height in gardens can make a home's exterior more attractive.

Zillow is a site that specializes in homes and home listings. It allows users to search through homes by color, cost and style. If someone knows what style of house he has or how he wants to redo the home look wise, the style option helps narrow down the selections. People who live in subdivisions that have Home Owners Associations may do well to search by color and style so that they are matching the guidelines of the Home Owners Association.

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