Where Can I Get a Honeywell Thermostat Manual?


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Most product manuals can be found online at the manufacturer's website, and this is also true for Honeywell. Some legwork will be required if a paper manual is necessary.

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Product manuals often disappear when they are needed the most. Honeywell now offers manuals for all of its products online on its website. The product name and model number will be needed; however, Honeywell does also offer detailed instructions to help customers find this information. The manual is provided as a PDF file and can be downloaded and saved for multiple uses. If a paper manual is the preferred method, the PDF file can be printed by the consumer and stored in a safe place for future reference — perhaps in a file with all other home manuals. If this is not an option, the consumer can try a few retail options. The company that originally installed the thermostat will sometimes have extra copies, and most are willing to give them out to customers. A store or dealer that sells Honeywell products may also have information on how to order a new manual through regular mail. However, because these are offered free of charge online, most options for obtaining a new paper manual will require a fee.

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