Where Can a Honeywell Th8000 Thermostat Be Purchased?


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As of 2015, Honeywell VisionPro 8000 series thermostats are available from heating and cooling specialists and major home retailers, such as Home Depot, Amazon and Lowe's. A complete list of retailers and service professionals is available on Honeywell's website.

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The thermostats in the Honeywell VisionPro 8000 series are suitable for installation in a residential or commercial setting. They can be hard-wired by an electrician or powered by a battery. These thermostats feature a touchscreen with an easy-to-navigate menu that can be programmed in seconds; no manual is needed to program the thermostat. Despite its simple interface, Honeywell recommends professional installation for the models in this series.

These thermostat units are programmable for a single setting or seven days a week. The Honeywell 8000 models have the ability to control the temperature and the ventilation, humidification and dehumidification settings, if the corresponding components are installed in the heating and cooling system.

Honeywell 8000 thermostats are capable of managing four heating and two cooling systems in a building with heat pumps. For conventional furnace and air conditioning systems, the VisionPro models can handle two of each. With an Equipment Interface Module offered by Honeywell, the thermostats are able to manage an additional heating unit with either type of system. Honeywell also offers RedLink accessories to further expand the capabilities of the thermostats, which include wireless connectivity and outdoor temperature sensors.

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