How Can a Honeywell Boiler Regulator Be Replaced?


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Buying a branded Honeywell boiler regulator makes it easy to replace the old one by simply removing the faulty or obsolete part and wiring the new piece into the existing system. Boiler regulators can be replaced when fixing an issue or as an upgrade to the system.

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Branded Honeywell parts are available from a variety of online shopping and auction sites, including Amazon.com and eBay, as well as from hardware stores. Honeywell recommends replacing older regulators with programmable and wireless thermostat options where possible to improve energy efficiency and reduce heating costs.

After making sure to switch off the power to the old regulator, unscrew any boxing and remove the unit from the system by detaching the wiring. Following the detailed instructions provided with the new part, wire it into the system, installing any wireless parts in suitable locations elsewhere in the house with adequate power supplies or fresh batteries as appropriate. Remember that control thermostats should not be placed in the same room as the boiler; it is also important to make sure that they are not in a kitchen or other room with separate heat sources; otherwise, the system does not work properly, and the house can be underheated.

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