Where Can You Find Holiday Schedules for Sanitation and Trash Collections?

can-holiday-schedules-sanitation-trash-collections Credit: Clotee Allochuku/CC-BY 2.0

In order to find the holiday schedule for sanitation and trash collection n a particular city, town or county, people can go online to the city or town website for the specific sanitation department that does trash pick-ups in their neighborhood. For example, Los Angeles in California and Hempstead and New York City in New York have websites that give people this information. Similarly, most cities or towns have this information online.

For people living in Los Angeles, this information is provided on the Los Angeles City Sanitation website. All the different holidays are listed with the alternative trash pickup dates. For example, if Christmas Day falls on a Monday and it corresponds to the neighborhood's pick-up day, then the trash is picked up the following day.

Similarly, New York City has its holiday schedule for sanitation and trash pickup listed on the official New York City website under NYC Department of Sanitation. In New York City, there is no trash pickup on major holidays, but residents of the city need to put out the garbage for pickup the night of the specific holiday for removal on the next day.

In small towns or rural areas, information for trash collection may also be available online. For example, the Town of Hempstead located on Long Island has this schedule on the official government site for this town.