How Can You Find Hobbit House Blueprints Online?


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The websites BeingSomewhere.net and MyHobbitShed.com offer free blueprints for hobbit houses. The website Emmons.tv provides blueprints and a step-by-step guide to constructing a hobbit house.

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BeingSomewhere.net provides details about the process of building a hobbit house. The builders explain that they chose materials that were environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. For example, they insulated the walls and floor of their hobbit house with straw bales. In place of cement walls, they used lime plaster. The builders gathered most of their materials from the nearby forest and reused many items that other people were throwing away.

On MyHobbitShed.com, there is a link to free hobbit house blueprints. This website contains photographs and videos of the building process; it also includes cost estimates for making a hobbit house and shares some of the pros and cons of going through with the construction. The builder observes that hobbit houses are superinsulated structures that generally do not require mechanical heating and cooling systems. He advises that builders be as environmentally conscious as possible when choosing materials and a location for a hobbit house.

The hobbit house blueprints on Emmons.tv are located under the Plans & Details link. This builder also provides photographs of the construction process. He explains that hobbit houses reflect the shape of the land around them; boulders, hills and trees influence their designs. Because the house is designed to require as little energy as possible, the builder stresses the importance of properly positioning windows to let in natural light.

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