What Can a Hitachi Bread Machine Make?


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A Hitachi bread machine makes standard loaves of bread, quick-cooking breads, dough and fruit, vegetable and nut breads, according to the Hitachi Home Bakery manual. Some models also make jam and rice, as shown on Scribd.

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What Can a Hitachi Bread Machine Make?
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A Hitachi recipe home cookbook has recipes for many bakery items, such as whole wheat, carrot, walnut and egg breads, as found on Creative Homemaking. There are also instructions for many types of dough, including ones for donut, pizza, brioche, croissant and French bread.

Jam is made using fruit, sugar and lemon juice. The bread maker's menu has a jam cycle that finishes in one hour and 20 minutes. To prepare rice, an inner lid attaches to the bread pan. A designated rice cycle is used to steam the grain. The bread machine makes small, medium and large batches of rice.

Standard bread and dough ingredients include fresh dry yeast to make the bread rise, states Hitachi. Sugar and salt impact yeast's action. Bread flour is generally preferred because it contains more protein than all-purpose flour. Butter and powdered milk enhance flavor. Water combines with flour to form gluten, which provides structure to bread products.

When making bread with distinct chunks, such as raisins, the additional ingredients are placed in the machine at the end of the kneading cycle so they do not become finely chopped. Hulls and shells are removed before nuts are added.

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