Where Can Heating and Cooling Units Be Purchased?


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As of 2015, heating and cooling units can be purchased online or in-store through retailers such as Sears, Lowe's and The Home Depot. Websites for these retailers include information regarding pricing, purchasing and delivery options.

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Sears offers both free-standing and wall-mounted indoor heaters. Fireplace options include free standing, wall units and inserts. The retailer also offers commercial and residential outdoor heaters, as well as heaters designed for garages. For cooling, Sears offers window, portable, wall-mounted and central air-conditioning units.

For inside the home, Lowe's sells portable, wall-mounted and baseboard heaters. The company also offers fireplaces, heat pumps, stoves and furnaces. Other heating options available at Lowe's include heaters for the garage and outdoors. For cooling, Lowe's has portable, window and central air-conditioning units. The are also evaporative coolers, which cool the air through water evaporation rather than through the use of refrigerants.

The Home Depot offers portable, wall-mounted and baseboard heaters. Customers can also find furnaces, central heating units and heat pumps. For outside the home, The Home Depot provides garage, construction and outdoor heaters. Cooling units available at The Home Depot include portable, wall-mounted and window air-conditioning units. Central air-conditioning units and evaporative coolers are also available for purchase.

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