What Can Be Heated by the Reznor Tube Heater?


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Reznor gas radiant tube heaters can be used for a variety of indoor and outdoor heating purposes, including garages, patios, loading docks and outdoor markets. As of 2015, Reznor produces four different models of radiant gas tube heaters.

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The Reznor VCS and VCT are harsh environment heaters designed for places such as stadiums, walkways, loading docks, airplane hangars and indoor swimming pools. These tube heaters can also be used to help melt snow in areas such as entryways and are a popular choice for greenhouses and car washes, which is why the single-stage VCS is called a "car wash heater." The VCT tube heater features a two-stage system and is the larger of the two models.

While the VCS and VCT can be used either indoors or outdoors, the less powerful Reznor VPS and VPT models are designed for indoor applications where less heat is required. These heaters are recommended for outdoor patios, such as in restaurants or cafes. Between the two low-intensity models, the VPT is slightly more powerful since it contains a two-stage system.

In addition to gas radiant tube heaters, Reznor also produces a number of gas and propane fired infrared heaters for indoor and outdoor use.

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