How Can I Grow Wheatgrass?


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Sprout People suggests soaking wheat grass seeds in a bowl of cool water for eight to 12 hours before planting to encourage sprouting and expedite the growing process. Rinse and drain the seeds, and place them on a towel in a cool location out of direct sunlight. Repeat this process every eight to 12 hours until the seeds sprout one-eighth of an inch of root and are ready for planting.

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How Can I Grow Wheatgrass?
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Prepare a tray with thoroughly moistened soil for planting. Rinse the seeds one final time, and sprinkle them across the planter, covering them with a thin layer of soil. Sprout People also suggests using an inverted tray with holes poked in it for air circulation. Place over top of the planting tray to keep light out and moisture in. Place the planting tray in a dark room that remains cool throughout the day. The optimal temperature for growing wheat grass is 70 degrees Fahrenheit; however, it can grow in cooler temperatures as well.

Water the seeds lightly, preferably by misting them with a spray bottle, twice per day. Once the roots are well buried, keep the soil watered just enough that it remains moist throughout the entire day. Once the grass is 1 inch tall, move it to a sunny location and ensure that the soil is kept moist constantly. Harvest wheat grass when it reaches 6 inches for a maximum yield.

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