How Can You Grow Strawberries in a Pot?


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A good way to grow strawberries is in the pockets of a strawberry pot, watering and fertilizing them as needed. You need a strawberry pot, strawberry plants, soil, a PVC pipe and wire screen. Successfully growing the strawberries takes less than 15 minutes of your time every 2 to 3 days.

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  1. Prepare the pot

    Soak the terracotta strawberry pot in water for 1 hour. Cover the drainage hole with wire screen. Poke holes in the PVC pipe, and insert it at the side of the pot. Begin filling the pot with soil.

  2. Plant the strawberries

    When the soil level reaches the first hole, plant a strawberry plant in it. Continue to fill the pot, planting a strawberry plant in each hole. When the soil reaches the top, plant three or four strawberry plants.

  3. Water and fertilize the strawberries

    Water the strawberries using the PVC pipe when the soil is dry. Fertilize every 2 weeks.

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