Can You Grow Pumpkins in a Pot?

Pumpkins can be grown in large containers on a porch or deck. A 20- to 25-gallon container is recommended, although a smaller 10-gallon container can be used for growing miniature pumpkins. Alternatively, a 6-foot plastic kiddie pool can also be used for growing pumpkins.

To prepare the container for growing pumpkins, make sure that it has drainage holes; if using a child-sized swimming pool, punch the holes using a sharp instrument. Fill the container with commercially prepared soil or a soil and compost mix. Sow seeds according to the recommended time frame in the local growing zone.

Build a trellis for the pumpkin's vines to climb and for holding slings for developing pumpkins; some people use hosiery to hold the pumpkins in position as they develop. Be sure to water the pumpkins regularly according to the seed company's recommendations.