How Can You Grow Cucumbers at Home?


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Grow cucumbers at home by planting them at the right time, placing them in a location with access to full sun and using loamy, well-drained soil. For colder areas with shorter growing seasons, start the seedlings inside, and transplant them outside two weeks after the last frost when the soil reaches 65 degrees Fahrenheit.

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Select a planting site that has well-drained sandy or loamy soil with 7 pH, or amend it accordingly with manure, peat or other organic matter. Work 2 inches of compost into the top 6 inches of soil, and plant the seeds or seedlings in 1-inch deep holes spaced at least 6 to 12 inches apart. For a small garden, add trellises to give the vines a place to climb.

Thin the seedlings out to 18 feet between plants once they grow to 4 inches in height, and give them at least 1 gallon of water per week. Once fruit forms, water the plants regularly, but less often when the top few inches of soil starts to feel dry. Add a layer of mulch to the soil around the plants to keep the soil moist. Add a layer well-rotted manure to the plants, or fertilize them with low-nitrogen liquid or granular fertilizer once the plants bloom and every three weeks afterwards.

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