Where Can You Find Grinder Mixer Parts?

Grinder mixer parts are available from many sources, including Hobart and Weston Supply. Retailers such as Sears also carry food grinder mixers and replacement components.

Culinary food mixers and grinders may be manual or electric. Consumer-grade appliances grind meat and fish for making sausage, hamburgers and terrines. Electric models sit on top of the kitchen counter, while most manual models clamp to the side. Both are portable. Large commercial grinders have the same function as residential models, but are usually powerful enough to process frozen meat.

Meat grinding stand mixer attachments are a popular alternative to traditional meat grinders. These devices attach to electric stand mixers, and offer the convenience of an electric grinder without the cost of purchasing a separate appliance. Stand mixer grinder attachments fit in a drawer when not in use.

Another meat grinder alternative is the food mill, a manual device that consists of metal grinding disks and a crank handle. Food mills are most effective on soft foods such as chopped meat and cooked vegetables. They are also indispensable in the preparation of forcemeats such as quenelles, which are poached dumplings of pureed fish and whipped cream. Food mills are not as powerful as meat grinders, but their interchangeable grinding discs offer superior control over the texture of the processed food.