Where Can You Find Great Deals on Antique Furniture?


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Buyers can find great deals on vintage furniture from online sources such as Etsy, eBay and Craigslist. They can also shop auctions, fairs and charity shops for low prices on unique vintage pieces.

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Etsy is a large online marketplace that offers a wide variety of antique furniture items from individual vendors. The website features an Antiques category on its Vintage page, where users can search for items by age. As of 2015, offers vary, but they range from mission-style upholstered oak couches and 1930s-era Art Deco velvet chair sets to solid wood dressers and unique African pieces. Individual sellers who are moving or cleaning their homes often sell their used furniture online on eBay or to local buyers on Craigslist. Although many buyers find great prices on antiques, they generally have to visit the seller when buying from Craigslist, and items on eBay are normally sold in a competitive auction format.

Live auctions are a staple of antique resellers, so casual buyers should search for lesser known or mass-produced pieces for the best deals. Antique and art fairs offer a good opportunity to browse multiple vendors in person, and it is common for sellers to offer a 10 percent reduction on the final sales price if asked. Antique furniture is often examined by a dealer before being placed in a charity shop, but buyers may still find good deals that slip through the cracks.

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