How Can a Gravel Patio Be Made?


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A gravel patio can be made by laying down a stone mixture, fabric landscape material and a layer of gravel on top of the each of them. Steel edging should be used to secure the area around the patio.

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In order for a patio to be dug, the space where the patio is going to be needs to be marked. This can be done with spray paint. The area inside of the spray paint should be dug around 4 inches deep to ensure that there is enough room for the stone mixture and the rest of the patio. The soil in the area should be compacted with a hand tamper.

Pack is a mixture of stones and stone dust. Pack should be laid down before anything else in the patio area. It should take up around 2 and 1/2 inches of space in the hole that was dug. After the pack has been laid down, landscaping fabric should be laid to cover it. Steel edging can go around the perimeter of the patio. The spikes on the steel edging will hold the landscaping fabric down when it is hammered in. On top of the fabric, the actual gravel should be shoveled on top until it is 1/2 inch below where the edging sits.

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