Where Can You Find Some Good Wood Carved Duck Decoys?


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Good wood carved duck decoys can be found from Robert Kelly's Woodcarving, Dux' Dekes Hand Crafted Decoys, Autumn Wings, Beaches Handcarved Wooden Collection and Muddy Water Decoys. Some vendors sell decoys that they hand-carved themselves, and other vendors resell decoys that they have acquired.

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Robert Kelly Woodcarving provides wooden duck decoys that are made from scratch. Different sizes are offered in three different varieties of detail. Others are highly polished, and some are wall mounted. Decoys at Dux' Dekes range from smooth blank decoys that remain unpainted to finely carved decoys with high levels of detail and paint. Autumn Wings provides handcrafted and oil painted wooden duck decoys that mimic specific birds, such as mallards, ringnecks and buffleheads. Beaches Handcarved Wooden Collection also offers other animals, and its duck decoy collection can be personalized with messages and range from simple brown wood carvings to painted wall hangings. Muddy Water Decoys distinguishes itself from other vendors by offering vintage wooden decoys. The vendor has not carved these antiques, but it provides a platform to buy, sell and trade these ducks. Their conditions vary due to age, but all of them are detailed. Many of them date back more than a century.

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