Where Can You Find Gate Designs for a Wooden Fence?

Where Can You Find Gate Designs for a Wooden Fence?

Some gate designs for a wooden fence can be found online at the Family Handyman, DIY Network and Lowe's websites. For fence openings larger than 5 feet wide, choose a gate design that utilizes two gates that latch in the middle rather than one large gate to ensure greater stability.

The gate design on the Family Handyman website features two paneled frames with a curved top rail pattern as part of the design to complement the outlined fence design. The gate plans are for 6 feet in length, but the plans should be modified to fit the desired opening size. Whatever the width size, plan for the gate to be about 1 inch shorter than the opening to accommodate the hinges, latch and opening clearance.

The DIY Network website also features plans to build a wooden gate from cedar wood. The frame is assembled with pocket screws and a diagonal cross brace for support. The frame is then covered with vertical boards to complete the simple design.

The gate design on the Lowe's website uses pickets or boards to complement the fence's design. The gate is also a few inches shorter than the overall fence height to allow it to easily open.

After the fence and gate are completed, paint or stain the boards in the desired finish to protect and seal the wood from the elements.