How Can You Find Free Garden Soil in Your Community?


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Find free garden soil in your community by contacting landscaping and construction companies, who sometimes have large amounts of topsoil they give away for free. The Internet is also a useful means of finding free topsoil, and individuals with extra topsoil often post listings on online classifieds sites.

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When construction companies start building on previously undeveloped land, they have to remove several layers of topsoil before getting started. While this soil is not of the quality available at a home center or garden supplier, improving it with minerals, compost and fertilizer can turn it into a respectable garden soil. TonsOfDirt provides a website specifically designed to provide information about free dirt, topsoil, manure and other useful materials construction companies and other entities provide free of charge.

Landscaping companies sometimes have extra topsoil for others to collect. This is especially true when landscaping companies have to clear an area of numerous trees and stumps. Always contact the landscaping company before hauling away topsoil, however, as some landscaping companies may wish to keep the soil for their own future projects.

Online classifieds, such as Craigslist.org and Freecycle, may offer free garden soil in your area. While many people offer the same type of untreated topsoil on these sites, some occasionally offer higher-quality garden soil.

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