Where Can You Find Some Gable Roof Design Ideas?

Where Can You Find Some Gable Roof Design Ideas?

Gable roof design ideas are found in photos at Houzz and Shutterstock. One type of gable roof is found on a wat, or Buddhist temple, in Thailand. They are often richly embellished and are arranged in tiers.

More prosaic gable roofs are found in cross-gabled homes. In these homes, the side gables may be the dominant gables, while the front gables can be extended to shade a porch or a stoop. The gable can be solid or have exposed, decorative beams and posts.

Another house has a dormer window with its own gabled roof projecting over a porch. A side gable is bifurcated by the chimney stack. Another multi-level house with cross gables has a small, gabled projection over the entryway, with its style echoed on the second floor.

A somewhat Tudor-inspired house has three front facing gables of different sizes. The largest one is half-timbered and infilled with what looks like stucco. The second largest is faced with rubble stone, and the third is also half-timbered and infilled with decorative brick.

A large house by the water also has half-timbered gables. At least two have exposed rafter tails and out-swept eaves. There is also a gabled dormer in the top floor. Yet another house has a trio of front facing gables made of timber with elements of rough hewn wood.