Where Can You Get a Fuel System Diagram of a Lawnmower?


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Diagrams of a lawn mower's fuel system can be found at various websites, such as Honda Lawn Parts, Sears Parts Direct, andBriggs and Stratton. Depending on the brand, the diagrams may not be found on all websites.

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Where Can You Get a Fuel System Diagram of a Lawnmower?
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The fuel pump is most often located on the carburetor near the fuel tank. The fuel pump is used when the gas tank on the mower is situated lower than the carburetor and requires assistance getting the fuel to the carburetor.

The Briggs and Stratton websiteprovides simple diagrams to show where the fuel pump and the surrounding parts are located, as well as information on how to check for problems with the fuel pump, complete repairs and even replace parts.

Sears Parts Direct provides diagrams for fuel pump systems on a variety of Craftsman lawn mowers, and Honda Lawn Parts provides diagrams for lawn mowers with Honda engines. The Honda website requires the user to enter specific information about the mower to obtain the correct diagram. Lawn mowers are listed under Honda's power equipmentcategory, and from there, the user can select from models in the databaseor enter the model or part number to get the available diagrams.

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