How Can I Fix Warped Wood Flooring?

To fix warped wood flooring, you must first locate and fix the source of the buckling. Replace small warps by wetting the wood, protecting it with a cloth, and covering with a cinder block for three days. For large warps, replace the damaged boards.

  1. Fix the cause of the buckling

    Before bothering the fix the buckling, locate the cause. Check moisture levels, and look for causes of excess moisture. Fix the problem with the appropriate solution.

  2. Locate warps

    Look for areas of minor buckling, such as 1/4-inch or less. Treat those as small warps. Larger warps are thick buckling or larger areas. Giant warps are those that necessitate replacement of the entire floor.

  3. Fix small warps

    Wet the small warps with warm water. Place a cloth on top to protect the wood, and then put a heavy cinder block over the area. Keep the cinder block in place for three days. If that does not solve the problem, treat the buckling like a large warp.

  4. Prepare damaged planks

    For large warps, use a carpenter's square to mark a line perpendicular to the damaged section of the flooring. Drill 1/2-inch holes along the mark. Tap a wood chisel along the middle of the damaged board to split it in two.

  5. Remove the damaged board

    Pull a strip out of the middle. Use the space as leverage to pry out the damaged board. If replacing several boards, stagger the end joints when you remove them.

  6. Square the drilled ends

    Use a wood chisel to square the drilled ends. Remove nails with a nail puller.

  7. Replace the board

    Cut a replacement board to the same dimensions as the one you removed. Tap it into place, and use 2-inch ring shank flooring nails to secure.