How Can You Fix a Toilet Flapper Leak?

How Can You Fix a Toilet Flapper Leak?

To fix a toilet flapper leak, turn off the water, flush the toilet, remove the leaking flapper, install a new flapper and turn on the water. Flush the toilet to ensure that the new flapper is functioning properly.

  1. Test the flapper

    Test your flapper by squeezing a few drops of food coloring into the tank of your toilet. Wait a few minutes and then inspect the bowl. If there is color in your toilet bowl, your flapper needs to be replaced.

  2. Turn off the water

    Turn off the toilet's water source by turning the nozzle counter clockwise. The nozzle is most often located near the wall in the lower back area of the toilet.

  3. Flush the toilet

    Flush the toilet to drain the existing water from the tank. Use a sponge to sop up any leftover water.

  4. Remove the old flapper

    Remove the old flapper by unlatching the chain and removing it from the flushing rod. Pull the sides to unhook it from the flushing valve.

  5. Install the new flapper

    Replace the new flapper by attaching each side to the flush valve. Connect the chain to the flusher rod. Make necessary adjustments to the chain.

  6. Turn on the water

    Turn the toilet's water source back on by turning the knob clockwise.

  7. Flush the toilet

    Flush the toilet a few times to make sure your new flapper is working properly.