How Can I Fix a Slow Shower Drain?


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To fix a slow shower drain, start by pulling up the lid and removing any hair clogs that you find. Doing this by hand is often more effective than starting with a chemical product, as chemicals often drip through the hair ball, leaving it intact.

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  1. Get the hair out

    Remove the lid to the shower drain, and reach down into the hole to pull out as much hair as you can reach. Turn on the water to see if it still backs up or not.

  2. Plunge the drain hole

    Position a plunger over the drain hole, making sure to cover the entire hole, and make a seal. Push straight down on the stick, and then pull up, using the pressure to pull hair and other items that are stuck further down the pipe. Alternate pushing and pulling several times, and move the plunger away to check the progress. Repeat this process several times.

  3. Slide a tool into the drain

    Slide a drain claw into the drain as far as you can, and pull up to dislodge any hair or other material in the drain.

  4. Use a chemical solution

    Pour a cup of baking soda down the drain, and pour in a cup of vinegar immediately afterward. Wait for the mixture to stop foaming, and then pour a gallon of hot water down the drain. Follow up with a chemical product if the clog is still present.

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