How Can You Fix a Percolator?


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Percolator problems are caused by a number of issues, including a faulty cord, a broken or clogged perk tube, or a broken heating element. Some issues resolve with a thorough cleaning, while others require a replacement part or professional repair service.

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If the percolator turns on and heats the water but does not percolate the coffee, the perk tube may be clogged. If the perk tube is functional, the washer inside of it rattles when shaken. If the tube is bent, it needs replacement. Otherwise, users can clean the perk tube with a piper cleaner and knife. The knife scrapes the washer and flange, while the pipe cleaner pokes out any stuck coffee grounds.

If the unit is not receiving power, a broken or frayed cord may need replaced. If it does not heat up, the heating element, fuse link or thermostat are possibly faulty. These types of repairs are best handled by an appliance repair center. Some appliance manufacturers provide repair parts and instructions. The instruction manual or the manufacturer's website provide details on repair and maintenance specific to the broken or damaged unit.

If the percolator is fully functional, other problems may result due to improper operation. Percolators require cold water in order to function. Too much coffee results in weak coffee because the water cannot pass through it.

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