How Can I Fix a Kirby Vacuum?


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While there are many possible problems with a Kirby vacuum, there are ways to troubleshoot one that doesn't suck up dirt, including adjusting the height control, replacing or reattaching the belt, removing debris from the brush, replacing the bag and looking for leaks. The difficulty and duration varies by vacuum.

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  1. Check and adjust the height control

    Behind the power nozzle on the left side of the tank, there's a toe-touch height control. Tap the height control switch until the vacuum makes a rumbling sound when pushed across the floor. The brush should be touching the carpet so it removes dirt.

  2. Replace or reattach the drive belt if necessary

    Turn the vacuum over, and make sure that the drive belt is properly attached. It should be in the shape of the number eight, between the motor shaft and the brush. Replace the belt if it's worn or broken. Reattach it if necessary.

  3. Remove debris

    Inspect the brush and motor shaft for string, hair or any other build up. Use scissors to cut any debris that's difficult to remove. Check to make sure the bristles are not too worn down.

  4. Replace the bag if needed

    Check the level on the dirt bag. Replace the bag if it's filled over the line.

  5. Check for leaks

    Inspect all of the gaskets for worn or torn areas that may leak air. If you're using attachments, make sure the suction control slides are completely closed.

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